Switching to code red: No departure planned within the next 72 hours

The team on the maxi-trimaran Sails of Change have switched back to code red meaning that there is no plan to depart within the next 72 hours.

Today, at 12:00 UTC, with all the crew aboard the boat and ready to set sail, Jean-Yves Bernot, the team’s onshore router, contacted Yann Guichard, the skipper of the vessel, and Benjamin Schwartz, the on-board navigator. 

The day before, the forecasts seemed favourable according to the American weather model. This lunchtime, both the European and American weather models were in agreement that the situation in the South Atlantic was not very conducive to a rapid descent.

As such, together they made the decision to remain on code green and await this evening’s grib files before making a decision about a possible departure.

© Eloi Sitchelbaut

This evening, Yann Guichard, Benjamin Schwartz and Jean-Yves Bernot have received confirmation of a deterioration in conditions in the south.

With the weather window not enabling them to make the Cape of Good Hope in a quick enough time, they have chosen to put back the departure once more.

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