Sails of change

Utilising sport and nature to create a sustainable future for our planet.

About Sails of Change

Sails of Change is dedicated to the protection and regeneration of biodiversity, created by Dona Bertarelli, her husband Yann Guichard, and her children.
“Sails of Change was born from our family’s shared passion for sports, art and nature. We wanted to inform, inspire and unite a wide range of the public to change their behaviour for the benefit of nature.”


Each of us has the power to protect nature. We work to inspire people and organisations to change their behaviour, helping them to identify practical ways to become nature-positive.


We are all in this together. We bring together stakeholders, identify and promote solutions, and form a community of peers who learn from, and progress with, each other.


What counts is meaningful change. We seek to influence policymakers and decision makers. We work with partners to regenerate ecosystems, and support projects to protect and preserve nature.

Sports for Nature

In October 2022, Sails of Change, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the IOC and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched ‘Sports for Nature’, a partnership to help sports organisations mitigate negative impacts on biodiversity and climate.


The first campaign to be supported by Sails of Change is ‘30x30’, a global call for action to protect at least 30% of the ocean and the earth by 2030. This message is conveyed in the branding of the TF35 catamarans as well as the maxi-trimaran.

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