Spindrift for schools

Since 2014


For decades, science, research, marine conservation and community support have been at the heart of multiple philanthropic projects for the sailor and fervent advocate of the oceans Dona Bertarelli. Her various sea passages aboard the maxi-trimaran Sails of Change with her husband Yann Guichard, have further strengthened their conviction that nature can teach us something new each day: the winds, the tides, the ocean, marine animals, but also, sadly, the impact of human activity on our planet and global warming.

Convinced that in order to take action, we must first gain a proper understanding of things, they have created Spindrift for Schools with the idea that, through their experiences, they can share the riches of the natural world with young generations, along with the importance of preserving biodiversity and the delicate balance between nature and humans.

Inspired by nature, the Spindrift for Schools programme shares educational content and helps to promote environmental awareness amongst the youngest members of society. The device relies on the 17 sustainable development goals that form part of the United Nations’ 2030 agenda, together with a common base of skills and a general culture of National education study courses.

During her Jules Verne Trophy attempt, the round the world record under sail, the maxi-trimaran Sails of Change will be flying the flag for Spindrift for Schools, whose educational kit “Inspired by Nature: committed to action!” has just been published in partnership with the Departmental Services of National Education of the Morbihan region and the French Réseau Canopé in Lorient, Brittany, and with the support of UNESCO.

Preparing the youngest members of society to become tomorrow’s adults.

“Our aim is to inspire, raise awareness and prepare young people to carry these values through to adulthood. Through our passions and our commitments, we are sharing knowledge and values in a bid to help children work together and commit to their future. There are strong and significant synergies with all of the challenges we take on, during a record attempt for example, where innovation, technology, resource management and a respect for the environment are crucial to the crew’s survival. We feel exhilarated at the prospect of developing this programme!”
Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard

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