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Release date : August the 20th, 2019

Architect : Jean-Marie Fragnière, Gonzalo Redondo, Adam May, Marc Menec, Dirk Kramers, Luc Dubois

Weight: 1200kg

Number of crew aboard: 6

Maximum speed: 68 KM/HR

Foils: 2

3rd in the TF35 Trophy 2021 season


Lenght: 15 meters

Width: 9.2 meters

Draft: 2.45 meters


Mainsail: 85,4 m2

Jib: 35m2


Foils: 2

Safrans: 2

Her history

A flying catamaran

The most recent addition to the Sails of Change fleet, the TF35 is a latest generation flying catamaran. A worthy successor to the famous D35 launched in 2004 by the Swiss yard Décision, this 35-foot multihull is equipped with a unique computer-controlled automatic foil system enabling her to take off both upwind and downwind. Designed around her foils, the TF35 is intended to be both accessible and airborne; a compromise made possible with an on-board inertial guidance system. This technology enables the boat’s flight to be controlled electronically.

A new era

With this new catamaran equipped with T-shaped appendages (rudders and foils), the circuit is entering a whole new era: airborne, faster and more spectacular since the TF35 is capable of sailing at three times the wind speed.